Throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia, "sen" or noodles, are both a dietary staple and a comfort food. Meant to be enjoyed in the company of others, bowls of sen are often eaten outside and on-the-go, as a nourishing and filling breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Here at Sen Noodle Bar we've taken the convenience of this traditional street food and combined it with the conscientiousness of healthy eating in a modern environment. We hope you enjoy Sen as much as we do. 


HOUSE SALAD: Organic mixed green salad, tofu, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumber with house made lemon grass dressing. $8

TAIWANESE CABBAGE SAUTE WITH GARLIC: A Taiwanese cabbage saute with fresh cabbage and sea salt. $8


Your choice of either EGGPLANT or GREEN BEANS stir-fried with bell peppers and sweet basil in a chili sauce and serves with either white or brown rice.

Chicken - $12.95 or Tofu $10.95